Dr. Wiseman takes a lot of pride in his work.  He attends many dental seminars and keeps updated on the latest dental techniques.  He is proud to bring his patients the most current, effective and efficient dental technology while keeping dental costs LOW.  Patients are thrilled with the results as the length and number of visits are shorter and their experience is more comfortable. 

CEREC Computer Restorations  Our sophisticated computer technology is used to design and fabricate dental crowns and inlays so they perfectly integrate into your smile.  The BEST part is that it takes just about an HOUR.  This saves patients time and money!  Patients are thrilled and appreciative of this fantastic service provided by Dr. Wiseman.  (Currently Available at the Cedarhurst, NY location)

Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers   Hard tissue lasers use laser energy to  gently and non-invasively remove tooth decay, preserving more tooth structure and leaving a healthier tooth.  Soft tissue lasers specialize in non-surgical gum procedures and  esthetic gum contouring. Root canal procedures are performed more effectively and efficiently with dental lasers making the root canal experience more pleasant for you!

STA-Single Tooth Anesthesia System  Most Painless Injection Ever!  Our patients praise this amazing new technology which makes them comfortable during dental treatments and after as they leave the office  without that numb feeling! Even patients who are fearful of injections are amazed by this highly precise and painless dental injection. Your comfort is one of our main priorities…. Experience the difference at your next visit!

ICON Fillings    No Shot..No Drilling.. Fillings!   This revolutionary treatment is perfect for treating early cavities and removing white spots associated with braces.  All done in ONE VISIT without drilling, pain and loss of healthy hard tissue.  Wow!

Digital Dental Radiographs  Taking dental X-rays have become easier and faster.  Digital radiographs are the latest way to detect cavities and tooth infections with minimal radiation to the patient.  Many times abnormalities of the teeth , bone and soft tissue are not seen through a regular dental examination. That is why periodic dental X-rays are important!  The digital radiograph uses an electronic sensor to send tooth and bone images to a computer. This allows the images to be viewed clearer, bigger and with more detail by doctor & patient. This diagnostic technology benefits the patient because it can detect  problems at an early stage and prevent costly and more invasive dental procedures at a later time. We are pleased to be using the latest and the most advanced digital radiograph system on the market today!

Dental Implants   Dental implants have evolved and  improved over the decades. They have become an outstanding choice for replacing one or more individual teeth or securing a bridge, partial or denture. They are anchored into the jawbone and look and feel like natural teeth.  Dental implants provide improved aesthetics, the ability to eat more comfortably and they can prevent bone loss and gum recession. Patients feel happier and more confident when they smile and speak.

Speak to Dr. Wiseman and decide if dental implants are the right solution for you!