Many dental procedures and treatments are now safer, faster, and more effective with the addition of laser technology. Laser dentistry treatments produce less bleeding than traditional treatment with sharp metal tools, and result in faster recovery time. David J. Wiseman, DDS, is particularly well equipped to offer laser dentistry treatments at his practices in Cedarhurst, NY, and Fresh Meadows, NY. Internationally recognized as a leading dentist, Dr. Wiseman has helped thousands of patients improve their smile’s health and aesthetics with precise, comfortable, and efficient laser treatment.

Illustration of a laser being used on a tooth

How Dental Lasers Can Improve Oral Health and Achieve Beautiful Smiles

Modern dental lasers use highly concentrated beams of light energy to remove tooth and gum tissue, and have been used to modernize a wide variety of traditional procedures. The light energy simultaneously sterilizes and cauterizes tissue, significantly reducing the chance of infection and minimizing healing time. Typically, laser treatments do not require anesthesia.

Dental Fillings

Many patients distinctly remember jarring and painful experiences from a dental drill removing decay in their tooth so a dentist can place a filling. Laser dentistry can entirely replace this agitating experience by removing decay with no direct contact from dental tools. The laser removes small amounts of the decayed tooth in concentrated bursts, which will later be replaced with dental bonding material. For this reason, the treatment may not be appropriate when a larger portion of the tooth must be replaced, particularly in the course of treatment with dental crowns.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions often cause trauma to surrounding tissues when the tooth is loosened for removal. While not appropriate for all cases of tooth extraction, such as more extensive wisdom tooth removal, a dental laser can make treatment more gentle and more precise. Dr. Wiseman can use the laser to separate the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone and lift it out easily. The laser produces far less bleeding than treatment with a scalpel or other metal tool, which can help reduce the length of recovery by several days.

Many dental procedures and treatments are now safer, faster, and more effective with the addition of laser technology.

Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease is an infection at the gum line that leads to pockets opening up around the teeth. Traditionally, gum surgery is required to eliminate the infection and reshape the gums so they fit snugly around the teeth. However, Dr. Wiseman can use laser dentistry to clear the infection and reduce the pockets without cutting or stitching the gums. Most patients prefer laser treatment for gum disease because it is much more comfortable, with a significantly easier recovery.

Canker and Cold Sores 

If you notice a sore coming in before a breakout, laser treatment can prevent it from erupting. If you already have a sore, laser treatment can eliminate discomfort and help the lesion heal faster.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring

Patients with a "gummy" smile or uneven gum line can enjoy the many benefits of cosmetic laser treatment to make their teeth appear larger and their gum line more symmetrical. The laser can quickly and safely remove very small amounts of gum tissue, and has a significantly shorter recovery time than gum contouring with a scalpel. Unlike traditional methods, laser gum contouring produces little to no swelling or bleeding of the gums.

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