If you need to restore a damaged or missing tooth, you can complete your smile with a custom dental crown. Today's restorations are meticulously crafted to blend beautifully with your smile and provide complete dental function. Dr. David J. Wiseman offers quality, customized dental crowns at both our Fresh Meadows and Cedarhurst, NY, locations. By using our advanced technology, we can often provide a permanent crown in as little as an hour.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crownsMade of durable, lifelike materials with subtle shading options, a crown is designed to look just like a natural tooth. Dr. Wiseman may recommend this type of restoration for one of several reasons:

  • A crown can “cap” or cover a damaged tooth – A tooth that has been compromised by significant decay or trauma can often be preserved with dental treatment, such as a root canal. A dental crown placed over the tooth provides strength and structure so the tooth retains full dental function. 
  • Cosmetics - Teeth that are healthy but misshapen or deeply stained can be aesthetically enhanced with a crown. In some cases, crowns are incorporated as part of a smile makeover plan.
  • Crowns can be used to secure a traditional dental bridge – In this case, crowns placed on healthy teeth are used to anchor an appliance designed to replace one or a few missing teeth.
  • Tooth Replacement – Attached to a dental implant, a specially designed crown can replace a missing or extracted tooth. This is the best restorative treatment option availabl, since it can preserve underlying jaw bone structure and improve overall oral health.
  • Improved Bite Function – A dental crown can be used to correct bite alignment problems, which can damage teeth and sometimes cause painful symptoms.

Modern materials mean crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes as well. Patients who have a front tooth that is misshapen, chipped, worn, or permanently discolored can benefit from a cosmetic crown placement. A quality crown ideally mimics the beauty of healthy enamel and will blend seamlessly with your smile.

Our Dental Crown Options

Dr. Wiseman uses only the highest-quality materials, including IPS e.max® and zirconia. The right choice for you generally depends upon the location of the crown, personal preference, and your budget. 

Dr. Wiseman can create a custom, computerized design and mill your crown on-site, providing a finished restoration in about an hour.

Our in-office technology allows for same-day crowns, often eliminating the need for multiple appointments and the placement of a temporary restoration. Using our in-house CEREC® system, Dr. Wiseman can create a custom, computerized design and mill your restoration in the office, providing a finished crown in about an hour.

Whether you are repairing or replacing a tooth, you can count on Dr. Wiseman to provide an optimal result. He has been providing cosmetic and restorative dentistry services to local patients for almost 20 years. His full-service care includes placement of dental implants and implant-supported crowns.

Restore Your Smile

Dr. Wiseman sees patients in both of our convenient locations, and offers Sunday appointments. To schedule a consultation, use our online form, or call (516) 569-3636 to reach our Cedarhurst office and (718) 526-8286 for our Fresh Meadows location.