CEREC milling machineDental crowns can be a strong and long-lasting option for patients who need to repair chipped or cracked teeth. They can also be used to replace missing teeth. Same-day crowns offer patients a convenient restoration option that allows you to receive a crown in just one visit to our Cedarhurst, NY, office. They also provide all the benefits of traditional dental crowns. Dr. David J. Wiseman is an experienced dental professional who has helped many patients repair their smile through personalized care and innovative solutions using advanced CEREC® technology. We understand that our patients value their time, so this streamlined process eliminates the need for you to wear a temporary restoration and avoid the hassle of making time in your busy schedule to come back to our office.

What are Same-Day Crowns? 

The difference between traditional dental crowns and same-day crowns is the technology used to produce them and the amount of time the process takes. Same-day crowns are created using computer-aided design using a single machine. We use CEREC—or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics—an advanced dental system that helps us to plan, design, and create your restoration efficiently.

What is CEREC?

To provide our patients with the best dental services available, we have invested in dental technology that allows us to expedite treatments that are safe and effective. CEREC is an innovate solution that allows dentists to create restorations using one instrument. Composed of a camera, computer, and milling machine, this high-tech machinery provides all the equipment needed to create your dental crown in our office.

The digital imaging capabilities of this technology offer an alternative to traditional impressions which can be unpleasant for many patients. Digital impressions are used to create a highly accurate foundation for designing your crown. CEREC can also manufacture your restoration to the exact specifications provided in as little as one hour.

Am I a Candidate for a Same-Day Crown?  

As with traditional dental crowns, same-day crowns are generally an option for patients suffering from teeth that are broken, decayed, or cracked. These restorations can also be beneficial to patients who have large fillings that have weakened the natural structure of the tooth. We can provide your single-visit dental crown in a variety of materials including IPS e.max® and zirconia, which can reinforce the tooth for added strength. Both of these materials can be color-matched so that they seamlessly integrate with your smile. Dr. Wiseman will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your oral health to determine if a dental crown is the right solution for you. He may also recommend other restorative dentistry treatments, such as dental implants

What can I Expect during My Visit?

Receiving a dental crown has been simplified for patients like never before. The doctor will use the CEREC machine to take digital impressions of your bite. These will then be used to produce 3-D images which Dr. Wiseman can use as a guide to design your restoration to the size and shape specifications you have agreed on. The machine will then manufacture your dental crown. This can be done in as little as an hour while you wait in our office. We also provide wifi, Hulu, and other amenities to make you as comfortable as possible while your restoration is fabricated.

To provide our patients with the best dental services available, we have invested in dental technology that allows us to expedite treatments that are safe and effective. 

Same-Day Crowns by Dr. Wiseman 

For over 18 years, Dr. Wiseman has been providing exceptional general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to his patients. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing our patients the highest level of care and comfortable treatment. If you are suffering from a painful cracked or decayed tooth, you could be a candidate for a dental crown. Contact our office online today or call us at (516) 569-3636 to schedule your appointment.